Catching up and catching on!

My two twenties something sons would be proud of their mother taking a step forward to learn how it all works in the real world of technology. I entered the world of blogging late in the game, but now I’m ready to develop my online writing skills. It’s easier for the younger generations to have grasped all the nuances of technology having grown up with it in their formative years, and through their education. But nonetheless, I’m ready to join in and enjoy playing the game. If needed, I ask my sons for help as do other parents.

It seems each generation has to catch up with the younger people who follow. I see technology as more challenging, not only because I’m older, but it changes rapidly, for example more than in the industrial era. Most people who didn’t grow up with technology feel behind but I’ve heard from the under thirties crowd that they feel like they’re never going to catch up. I took steps to become more savvy by doing this this blog (which I have edited since first publishing it). It was and is an exciting way to build my skills.

Why? Because writing appealed to me from my days of diary entries under lock and key. It was a way to express what my pre-adolescent self could not discuss with a parent, teacher or mentor. Who could really understand the fragility of emotions and feeling clueless as how to make decisions? Still working in this area to some extent! It’s easier being an adult sometimes than being a child or adolescent. It’s an ever-changing, global world that looks different by the hour. While teens may have the tech advantage we have the maturity advantage in knowing what to post and privacy issues. They’ll get it either by listening to a parent or learning from life the hard way.

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5 thoughts on “Catching up and catching on!

  1. Michael Horenstein April 23, 2010 — 1:23 am

    Very cool, Diva! You might well have a future as a blogger (not necessarily a very lucrative one, regrettably, unless you blog for marketing purposes). Like Greg, you’re inspiring me to consider creating one as well, although the one I’ve thought most about writing would basically piggyback on your thoughts.

    Can I responsibly share your post w/others (not necessarily people you know)?

    Hang in there — there’s always hope. I just returned today from the two-day Future Energy conference @ the Convention Center and was “pinged” by several attendees about possible projects. Who knows whether something substantive will result from these contacts, but they sure make me feel better than I typically do when sending another resume to an agency or submitting another online application.


  2. Thank you for sharing this! You certainly have a flair for the written word. I’m inspired to post my own first blog entry, I’m poised on the edge, with my WordPress membership.

  3. Excellent writing Diva. You nailed it . Keep writing. It just might prove lucrative. So, like a little girl told to go to sleep smile slyly and reach for that diary hidden under the bed.



  4. Very nicely done, Diva. You’re a good writer.

  5. Great job Diva! You definately have the power of the pen 🙂 That was a very heart felt letter you wrote. Keep up the search, we are all watching out for you and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


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